Facial treatments in Southampton

People get facials in order to restore the youthful beauty of their skin or address specific skin problems such as blackheads. A professional facial will address these and other issues. Of course, one should not overlook the sheer relaxation that is part and parcel fo the facial experience.

A professional facial is usually a multi-step process. It can result in a natural and healthy-looking skin when part of an ongoing skin care regimen. The process of getting that perfect facial usually has a number of well-defined steps. the first of these is the consultation with the esthetician. Then comes the cleansing process where the face is wiped down with a number of products.

After this, the esthetician will closely examine the skin to ascertain skin type and the condition of the skin, including any problem areas or conditions.

What will then follow are usually a steam treatment, exfoliation – followed by the extraction of blackheads and the treatment of blemishes. Then it is time for the application of the appropriate type of mask. After this process is complete a variety of toners and moisturizers (as well as other appropriate treatments) are applied. The esthetician will then provide the patient with advice on how best to maintain their skin.

If you want to sport a youthful-looking skin – and enjoy some pampering at the same time, then a facial might be for you. Contact us today!